How to Receive Bitcoin on Cash App in 2024

How to Receive Bitcoin on Cash App

Cash App has become one of the most popular ways for people to buy, sell, and receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its easy-to-use interface and no-fee approach, Cash App provides a straightforward option for those new to crypto to start receiving bitcoin payments.

In 2024, receiving bitcoin on Cash App is essentially the same straightforward process as in previous years. However, there have been some changes to transaction speed, fees in certain situations, and other aspects that users should be aware of. This article will provide an updated guide on how to receive bitcoin using Cash App, including how to set everything up, Cash App bitcoin fees to expect, and some tips to keep your crypto secure.

Setting Up Cash App to Receive Bitcoin

The first step to receive bitcoin payments on Cash App is making sure that your account is set up properly to do so. Here is how to set up your Cash App account for receiving BTC:

1. Download the Cash App Mobile App

Cash App can only be used through its mobile app, so you’ll first need to download it via either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is completely free to download.

2. Sign Up for an Account

Once downloaded to your mobile device, open up Cash App and sign up for an account. All you need to provide is an email address or phone number, as well as your name. Be sure the name you provide matches your identification.

3. Input Your Bank Account Information

Before you can receive BTC payments, you’ll need to link the Cash App account to your bank account. After signing up, input your debit card information or link your bank account directly. This connects Cash App to your bank so you can withdraw and deposit funds.

4. Enable Bitcoin Deposits & Withdrawals

Finally, within the app, go to your profile settings and enable both bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. This allows both sending and receiving of BTC.

And that’s it! With those four steps complete, your Cash App account is ready to receive Bitcoin payments. Now let’s dive into how the actual process of receiving BTC works.

How to Have Someone Send You Bitcoin on Cash App

Once set up to receive, having someone send you bitcoin on Cash App only takes a few taps. Here is the process:

1. Provide Your Cash App $Cashtag

First, provide the sender your unique Cash App $cashtag. This serves as your ID on Cash App, similar to a username. Your $cashtag will look something like “$JohnSmith123”. They will need this to identify your account and send you bitcoin.

2. They Will Open Their Cash App BTC Account

The sender will open up their own Cash App bitcoin account and enter the amount of BTC they wish to send you.

3. They Input Your $Cashtag

They input your unique $cashtag provided in Step 1. This specifies your account as the receiving account.

4. They Hit Confirm and Send

Finally, the sender hits “Confirm” on the amount of bitcoin they wish to transfer along with your $cashtag. The BTC will then instantly send directly to your Cash App account.

And that’s all there is to someone sending you bitcoin on Cash App! Extremely quick and convenient.

Now let’s cover how to actually access the bitcoin you just received.

Accessing Your Received Bitcoin

When someone sends you BTC on Cash App, you’ll receive a notification of a new bitcoin payment. To access it:

1. Open the Cash App

If not already open, launch the Cash App app and enter your account.

2. Tap on Bitcoin Symbol

On the Investing tab of the app, you should see the orange bitcoin symbol with how much BTC you currently have in your Cash App account. Tap on the bitcoin symbol.

3. View Bitcoin Balance

This will bring you into your BTC wallet on Cash App. You will see your total bitcoin balance received. The amount just received will be included pending confirmation on the blockchain.

4. Transaction Confirmed

It will take approximately 30-60 minutes for the transaction to receive enough blockchain confirmations for the bitcoin to be spendable from your wallet.

Once confirmed, you now have full access to the bitcoin and can send to another BTC address or withdraw back into USD in your Cash App account. Selling the bitcoin is instant and fee-free.

Overall, receiving bitcoin on Cash App takes just minutes with very few steps involved. Now let’s cover some important things to know related to fees, transaction times, security, and more.

Cash App Bitcoin Fees to Know

One of Cash App’s biggest benefits is its fee-free approach to buying, selling, and receiving bitcoin. However, there are some exceptions related to deposits, withdrawals, and transaction size you should be aware of:

Depositing Bitcoin

Cash App will not charge any fees when depositing bitcoin from an external wallet. Miners fees related to sending BTC apply depending on current blockchain conditions, but Cash App covers that fee.

Withdrawing Bitcoin

When withdrawing from Cash App to an external bitcoin wallet, miners fees related to sending BTC apply based on blockchain conditions at the time of withdrawal. Cash App does not cover these fees, so they come out of your bitcoin withdrawal amount.

Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

Cash App allows instantly buying or selling bitcoin with your USD Cash App balance for no fee. If choosing to deposit or withdraw USD from your bank account, instant transfers carry a fee of 1.75% or $0.25, whichever is greater. Standard 3-5 day ACH transfers are free.

So in summary – no fees for receiving bitcoin, no fees buying/selling bitcoin for your USD Cash App balance, but potential miners fees apply for external BTC transfers depending on market conditions at the time of transfer. External USD transfers may carry a 1.75% fee as well for instant sends.

Cash App Bitcoin Transaction Times

Cash App has made significant improvements to transaction times for bitcoin transfers in recent years. Here is what to expect:

Receiving Bitcoin

As covered earlier, when receiving bitcoin on Cash App it takes roughly 30-60 minutes for enough blockchain confirmations for the BTC to be available to withdraw or sell.

Sending Bitcoin

If sending bitcoin off Cash App to an external wallet address, recipients generally receive the BTC in 10-30 minutes assuming standard miners fee rates paid. Transactions take longer when blockchain network congestion heavy.

Buying & Selling Bitcoin

When using USD funds from your Cash App balance to buy or sell bitcoin, the transactions happen instantly. If buying bitcoin using bank account funds, takes 3-5 days which represents wait for the ACH transfer.

So while not quite as fast as some other hot wallets, Cash Apps bitcoin transaction times rank among the fastest of any mainstream option, especially for incoming BTC.

Ensuring Security of Your Received Bitcoin

When choosing any hot wallet like Cash App to receive bitcoin, security should always be top of mind. Here our some tips to keep your BTC stash secure:

Use New Addresses

When having someone send your BTC via Cash App, best practice is to have them send to brand new receiving addresses each time. Under Settings > Security you can Recover Wallet to refresh your addresses.

Store Keys Offline

While unlikely due to Cash App security measures, if someone ever gained access to your account they could withdraw your BTC. Consider storing your backup phrase offline on paper or hardware device incase account recovery is ever needed.

Enable Additional Security Features

Within Settings > Security be sure to enable all additional security features including PIN and Touch/Face ID to minimize risks of unwanted access.

Never Share Login Details

Never share Cash App login details over email or questionable communications. Cash App will never email asking for account details or to reset passwords.

By enabling all account security protections and storing backup information offline, you can feel confident in using Cash App as your bitcoin wallet.

How Can I Receive Bitcoin on Cash App?

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to receive bitcoin on Cash App:

  1. Open Up the Cash App Launch the Cash App mobile app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the Banking Tab On the bottom navigation bar, tap on the middle “Banking” tab.
  3. Select Bitcoin This will bring you into your main bitcoin wallet page within Cash App. Towards the top tap on the orange bitcoin symbol to enter your BTC wallet.
  4. Tap Receive In you bitcoin wallet, tap the “Receive” button at the bottom.
  5. Share Your Cashtag or Address A QR code with your $cashtag and wallet address will generate. You can share this QR code directly with the sender for them to scan. Or manually provide them your $cashtag text identifier.
  6. Ask Them to Initiate a BTC Send in Their Wallet Provide instructions to the sender on how to complete the send in their Cash App or external wallet app. They will need to input your $cashtag and confirmation the amount to send.
  7. Confirm the Deposit Once received, you will get a notification of pending bitcoin received in your Cash App BTC wallet. It will show as pending until enough blockchain confirmations occur.

And that’s it! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

How to Receive Bitcoin From Another Wallet App on Your Device

Here are the steps to receive bitcoin from another crypto wallet app installed on the same mobile device as your Cash App:

  1. Open Your External Crypto Wallet App Whether it’s Coinbase, Blockchain, MetaMask or any other BTC wallet, open the app and access your wallet.
  2. Tap “Send” or “Withdraw” Find the option to withdraw or send bitcoin out of your external wallet. This will allow you to input a BTC receiving address.
  3. Open Cash App and Access BTC Wallet With your external app open, launch Cash App and go to your bitcoin wallet. Make sure you are on the receiving page.
  4. Copy Your Cash App BTC Address In your Cash App bitcoin wallet, tap the “Receive” icon to bring up your wallet address. Copy this address.
  5. Paste the Address into External App Send Field Go back to your external wallet app send screen and paste your Cash App bitcoin address into the receiving address field.
  6. Confirm Details and Send Double check the details – address, amount, fees etc. Then complete the send.
  7. Check Cash App for Receipt Head back to Cash App to monitor the pending bitcoin receipt and confirmations until received in your wallet!

How to Enable Bitcoin on Cash App

Here are the simple steps to enable bitcoin in your Cash App so you can start buying, selling and receiving cryptocurrency:

  1. Open the Cash App Mobile App, Launch the Cash App mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Sign into your account.
  2. Tap on your Profile Icon, Tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the Cash App home screen.
  3. Select Settings, This will open up your Cash App account settings. Select “Settings” to view additional options.
  4. Choose Bitcoin, In Settings, scroll down on tap on “Bitcoin” to enter Bitcoin settings.
  5. Toggle On Bitcoin Deposits & Withdrawals, Within Bitcoin settings, toggle both “Deposits” and “Withdrawals” to the “ON” position to enable full send/receive functionality.
  6. Exit Back to the Home Screen, Back out to the Cash App main screen through your profile icon. Bitcoin should now be enabled.
  7. Tap the Bitcoin Tab, You should now see an orange Bitcoin tab on the bottom. Tap here to access your BTC wallet and start managing bitcoin!

And that’s all there is to it! With deposits and withdrawals enabled you can now send, receive and purchase bitcoin directly within Cash App.

How do you Receive Bitcoin on Cash App without Sending your QR Code to the Sender but Instead having their Wallet info?

To receive bitcoin from someone on Cash App without sharing your QR code or Cash ID with them, you need to have them provide you their wallet details instead for you to request from. Here are the steps:

  1. Ask the Sender for their Wallet Address Rather than provide your $cashtag or QR code to receive bitcoin, request that the sender give you their external BTC wallet address that they are sending funds from.
  2. Input their Address in Cash App In your Cash App bitcoin wallet, go to “Send” instead of “Receive” at the bottom. Manually input the external wallet address that the sender provided you.
  3. Enter the Amount to Request Input the amount of BTC you would like them to send you in the next step.
  4. Generate the QR Code Tap “Request” and your Cash App will generate a unique QR code tied to that receiving address they gave you for the specified amount.
  5. Send them the QR Code to Scan Send the QR code to the sender that is tied to their address. When they scan it, their wallet will pre-populate your requested BTC send to their account.
  6. Confirm the Transaction Details They will still need to review and confirm the transaction details on their end before sending. But by having them provide the address to request from, your wallet details stay secure.

This allows you to receive bitcoin on Cash App while keeping your account details private.

How does Bitcoin Work on Cash App?

Bitcoin on Cash App functions like a simple bitcoin wallet and exchange, allowing users to easily buy, sell, send, receive, and store bitcoin directly within the app. Here is an overview of how Bitcoin works on Cash App:

Getting Started

  • Download the Cash App mobile app, setup an account and link your bank account, debit card, or add existing funds to enable bitcoin transactions.

Acquiring Bitcoin

  • You can purchase bitcoin directly in the app using funds from a connected bank account or debit card. Buys from your Cash App balance are instant while bank transfers take 3-5 days.

Sending & Receiving Bitcoin

  • Cash App generates a unique $cashtag and BTC address tied to your account for sending & receiving bitcoin from other Cash App users or external wallets.

Storage & Security

  • Bitcoin purchased or received is stored locally in your Cash App BTC wallet. Enable security features like PIN and backups to secure funds.

Selling & Withdrawing Bitcoin

  • You can instantly sell bitcoin in your Cash App wallet for cash which can then be withdrawn back to a bank or debit card when needed.


  • Cash App does not charge any fees for buying, selling or receiving bitcoin. External transfers incur only the network miner fees at market rates.

Cash App offers a user-friendly mobile bitcoin wallet integrated with a fiat on-ramp/off-ramp allowing easy access to bitcoin storage, sending, receiving and trading.

Can I Receive Bitcoin to my Exchange Wallet/Account?

Yes, you can definitely receive bitcoin directly into your cryptocurrency exchange wallet or account from Cash App. Here is the process:

  1. Log Into Your Exchange First, log into your preferred bitcoin/crypto exchange account (for example Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.).
  2. Locate Your BTC Deposit Address Navigate to the bitcoin wallet section of your exchange account, and find your unique BTC receiving address. This is normally found in a “Deposit” or “Receive” section.
  3. Copy Your Exchange’s BTC Address Copy the full bitcoin address for your exchange wallet. This is the address you will provide to the sender.
  4. Open Cash App & Initiate Send Now open up Cash App, go to your Bitcoin wallet, and initiate a standard bitcoin send.
  5. Paste Your Exchange’s BTC Address In the Cash App send screen, paste the bitcoin address you copied from your exchange wallet into the “To” field.
  6. Send BTC & Confirm Receipt Complete sending the bitcoin from Cash App. Log back into your exchange account to confirm arrival and crediting of the BTC deposit into your exchange wallet.

And that’s it! By providing your exchange’s unique bitcoin deposit address, you can seamlessly receive BTC from Cash App or any other wallet into your exchange account.

Tips for Receiving Bitcoin on Cash App

To conclude this updated 2024 guide on getting bitcoin payments with Cash App, here are some final tips:

  • Be sure to provide senders your $cashtag not BTC address – $cashtag identifies your account.
  • Minimum send is 1 satoshi (.00000001 BTC) & maximum is $10k worth per transaction.
  • All standard buys or sells incur no fees – plan external transfers cautiously for miner fees.
  • Receiving & withdrawing between Cash App accounts is fastest option since no on-blockchain transfer required.
  • Beef up security by enabling screensaver PIN, facial recognition, and linking trusted device. Never share login credentials.
  • Back up recovery phrase offline incase account restoration is ever needed due to lost device or forgetting PIN.

And there you have it – an updated guide for 2024 on how to receive bitcoin using Cash App! Cash App has added more features and functionality over recent years making it one of the premier mobile bitcoin wallets. With its user-friendly interface and fee-free buying and selling, Cash App has become the wallet of choice for many cryptocurrency newcomers.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Receiving Bitcoin via Cash App

Still have some questions on using Cash App to receive bitcoin payments? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does Cash App Report Bitcoin to the IRS?

Yes, Cash App complies with IRS regulations requiring reporting of buy/sell activity and profit/losses from cryptocurrency. You will receive a 1099-B at year end if you sold, sent or otherwise disposed of more than $600 worth of bitcoin during the tax year. It is still your responsibility to maintain records proving accuracy.

Can I Receive Bitcoin from Any Wallet Service on Cash App?

Yes, bitcoin can be deposited into your Cash App BTC wallet from any external wallet that enables you to withdraw. This includes cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini; as well as external software, desktop, and hardware wallets.

Does Cash App Have Recipient Address Tags?

No, Cash App uses your unique $cashtag to identify your account to receive bitcoin payments. If someone asks for your BTC deposit address it could indicate a scam attempt – have them send via $cashtag which is linked to your wallet.

Are My Bitcoin Deposits Insured by the FDIC?

No, unlike the USD cash balance in your Cash App account, bitcoin wallet holdings are NOT covered by FDIC insurance or any similar deposit insurance provided by the government. Cryptocurrency deposits are not insured at this time.

Can I Use a Debit Card to Buy Bitcoin on Cash App?

Yes, you can instantly buy bitcoin on Cash App using either a bank account or eligible debit card. Select the debit card option before purchase to pay via your card. Instant purchases carry a fee so bank account is recommended where available.