How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Another Wallet

how to send bitcoin from coinbase to another wallet

Sending bitcoin from your Coinbase account to an external wallet is a common transaction in the crypto world. With bitcoin’s popularity growing steadily in 2024, more people are looking to take control of their funds by transferring them into secure wallets.

While the process is relatively straightforward, there are some important steps you need to follow to ensure the safe and successful transfer of your bitcoin. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about sending bitcoin from Coinbase to another wallet in 2024.

Overview of Sending Bitcoin from Coinbase

Let’s first go over some basics about sending bitcoin from Coinbase:

  • Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, serving over 73 million users worldwide. It allows you to easily buy, sell, convert, send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.
  • When you purchase crypto on Coinbase, it is stored in your Coinbase account wallet by default. This is hosted online and convenient for trading and exchanging coins on the platform.
  • For better security and control, many users choose to transfer their coins into a separate external wallet outside of the exchange. Examples include hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor, mobile wallets like Exodus or Jaxx, or desktop wallets like Electrum.
  • To send coins between your Coinbase account and an external wallet, you need to provide the receiving wallet address to Coinbase and authorize the transaction.
  • Sending bitcoin off Coinbase to your own wallet won’t incur any fees directly charged by Coinbase. However, network fees for bitcoin transactions may apply.

Now let’s dive into the step-by-step process…

Step 1 – Log Into Your Coinbase Account

First, you’ll need to log into your Coinbase account.

  • Go to the Coinbase login page and enter your username and password.
  • If you have 2-factor authentication enabled, you’ll also need to input your 2FA code.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll arrive at your Coinbase dashboard. On desktop, you’ll find your BTC wallet under the “Accounts” tab on the top right. On mobile, tap the icon in the bottom right to view your wallets.

Double check that you have sufficient BTC funds to cover the amount you wish to withdraw, plus the mining fee.

Step 2 – Find Your External Bitcoin Wallet Address

Next, you need to locate the wallet address from your external crypto wallet that you wish to send funds to from Coinbase.

Here are some examples for obtaining wallet addresses from different types of external wallets:

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor generate a new bitcoin address each time to maximize privacy.

To get your bitcoin address on Ledger:

  • Connect your Ledger device to your computer and open the Bitcoin app.
  • In the Bitcoin app, click Receive.
  • The next unused address will be shown – this is the address you’ll provide to Coinbase.

On Trezor, the process is similar:

  • Connect Trezor and enter your PIN.
  • Go to the Receive tab.
  • Select Bitcoin from the coin list.
  • Trezor will generate and display your new bitcoin address.

Mobile Wallet

For mobile crypto storage apps like Exodus or Jaxx Liberty:

  • Open the app and select Bitcoin from the asset list.
  • Tap Receive to view your BTC wallet address.
  • You may need to enable the QR code display for easy scanning.

Desktop Wallet

With desktop wallets like Electrum:

  • Launch the wallet software and select Bitcoin from the assets menu.
  • Click Receive tab and your bitcoin address will be shown.
  • You can also generate and print a QR code of the address.

Once you’ve located the destination wallet address, copy and save it somewhere for the next step.

Step 3 – Initiate Bitcoin Withdrawal in Coinbase

Now it’s time to initiate the bitcoin withdrawal process within your Coinbase account.

On Coinbase Website:

  • From your Accounts page, click the “Send” button for your BTC wallet.
  • This will open the Send Bitcoin window.
  • Paste the wallet address you copied earlier into the Recipient field.
  • Enter the Amount of BTC you wish to send.
  • Click Continue to move to the next step.
  • The second Confirmation page will show the full transaction details including mining fees.
  • Double check the details carefully to ensure the address and amount are correct.
  • Click Confirm and Send.

On Coinbase Mobile App:

  • Tap the icon in the bottom right to view your wallets.
  • Tap the paper airplane “Send” icon next to your BTC wallet.
  • Enter the BTC wallet address in the Recipient field.
  • Input the Amount to send.
  • Tap Continue and check transaction details.
  • Finally tap Confirm to complete sending your bitcoin.

The BTC amount will be immediately deducted from your Coinbase wallet balance.

Step 4 – Check Status of Bitcoin Transaction

It is normal for a BTC transaction from Coinbase to an external wallet to take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to complete the confirmation on the blockchain.

Here are some ways you can track the status and confirm your bitcoin withdrawal from Coinbase has been successfully processed:

Check Coinbase Status

Within your Coinbase account, go to Accounts > Activity and view your latest BTC transactions. You should see the withdrawal pending, approved, or completed.

  • Pending means it has been initiated but not confirmed yet.
  • Approved means it has 1 confirmation on blockchain.
  • Completed means it has sufficient blockchain confirmations.

You can click on the transaction to view additional status details and hash ID required to further check the transfer status elsewhere.

Check Recipient Wallet

You can also monitor the receiving wallet and check if the bitcoin amount has arrived safely.

For example on hardware wallets, connect to your device to refresh the balance and transaction history.

The amount should reflect in the external wallet once there are enough network confirmations.

Use Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain explorers like Blockstream and Blockchair allow you to input the BTC transaction hash ID and view the current confirmation status in real-time.

Once the transaction has 12+ confirmations, you can be assured it has been etched into the blockchain and delivered from Coinbase.

The transfer process can take up to 1 hour in some cases, especially if network activity is high resulting in slower confirmation times. Be patient and continue monitoring until the bitcoin shows up.

Step 5 – Verify Your Coinbase Account for Future Withdrawals

For greater convenience, verifying your Coinbase account identity will raise BTC withdrawal limits and allow quicker transfers in the future.

Here’s how to complete verification:

  • Go to Settings > Limits and verify your ID.
  • You’ll need to submit valid government ID and may require facial recognition.
  • Verification can take up to 48 hours, after which higher withdrawal limits are enabled.
  • Return to Settings > Limits to view your new transfer limits for different assets.

Once verified, you’ll be able to withdraw up to $100,000 worth of bitcoin in a single day much faster compared to an unverified Coinbase account.

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Common Questions and Issues When Sending Bitcoin from Coinbase

Here are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips when sending BTC from Coinbase to external wallets:

Are There Fees to Withdraw Bitcoin from Coinbase?

Coinbase doesn’t charge withdrawal fees for transferring your bitcoin out.

However, the Bitcoin network charges mining fees for processing transactions on the blockchain. This fee will be shown during the confirmation stage before you send.

Typical Bitcoin network fees are quite reasonable, amounting to a few dollars per transaction in most cases. But fees can spike during times of high blockchain network congestion.

What Is the Bitcoin Withdrawal Limit on Coinbase?

Daily BTC withdrawal limits on Coinbase depend on your account verification status:

  • Level 1 unverified: $5000 daily
  • Level 2 verified: $50,000 daily
  • Level 3 fully verified: $100,000 daily

You can check your exact limit by going to Settings > Limits.

To withdraw more than $5000 per day from Coinbase, you’ll need to complete identity verification.

How Long Does a Bitcoin Withdrawal from Coinbase Take?

Under normal circumstances, Bitcoin withdrawals from Coinbase take roughly 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

But prolonged delays beyond 1 hour indicate a potential issue, such as:

  • Network congestion causing transactions to be held up
  • Accuracy issues with wallet address provided
  • Temporary holds on new withdrawals for security reviews

If your BTC is stuck for over an hour, check the support page on Coinbase for service status updates. You can also submit a support request for assistance.

I Accidentally Sent Bitcoin to the Wrong Address from Coinbase

If you made a mistake and entered the wrong wallet address to withdraw to from Coinbase, there is unfortunately no way to cancel the transaction.

Since bitcoin transactions are irreversible by design, your coins will be lost if sent to an incorrect address unassociated with your wallet.

Double checking that the address is correct before hitting confirm is crucial to avoid this mistake.

Coinbase States “BTC Withdrawals Temporarily Disabled”

It is not uncommon for Coinbase to temporarily disable BTC withdrawals for certain users, usually due to suspicious activity, system issues, or maintenance.

Check the Coinbase Status page and their Twitter feed @CoinbaseSupport for updates. You can also submit a support ticket if your case requires individual assistance.

Most temporary BTC withdrawal disablements are resolved within 72 hours. Your funds remain securely stored in your Coinbase account during this time.


Withdrawing your bitcoin from Coinbase to an external wallet allows you to truly control your coins while benefiting from the security of cold storage.

To summarize the key steps:

  • First, get the destination wallet address you’ll be sending your bitcoin to from Coinbase.
  • Initiate the BTC withdrawal from within your Coinbase account to the wallet address.
  • Wait for sufficient blockchain confirmations and check that your BTC arrived safely.
  • Verifying your identity on Coinbase raises limits and speeds up future withdrawals.

Be sure to use care when entering wallet addresses and start with small test amounts if trying out a new wallet for the first time.

Following this guide, you can now withdraw your bitcoin from Coinbase like a pro! The power is in your hands with your own set of crypto keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is transferring bitcoin from Coinbase to my wallet free?

Coinbase does not charge a fee, but you will need to pay a standard Bitcoin network transaction fee. This is shown on the confirmation screen before you complete the withdrawal. The fee amount varies based on network congestion but is typically a few dollars or less.

What’s the quickest way to send bitcoin from Coinbase?

The fastest withdrawals from Coinbase are enabled for fully verified level 3 accounts. This raises the daily limit to $100,000 worth of bitcoin withdrawals that will post to the blockchain rapidly. Getting ID verified dramatically speeds up transfer times.

Can I reverse a bitcoin transaction sent from Coinbase?

No, bitcoin transactions on the blockchain are irreversible by design. If you input the wrong recipient wallet address, there is no way for Coinbase to cancel the withdrawal or recover the funds. Always double check the address before confirming any crypto transfer.

Why is my bitcoin withdrawal from Coinbase delayed?

Long delays are typically due to network congestion leading to a backlog of transactions. High activity can cause slower average bitcoin confirmation times across the entire blockchain ecosystem. Just allow extra time for transfers during high volume periods.

Can I track my bitcoin transaction from Coinbase?

Yes, Coinbase provides a transaction hash ID you can use to track the withdrawal status on any blockchain explorer site. You can also view pending and completed crypto transfers in your Coinbase account history.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from Coinbase?

Daily bitcoin withdrawal limits depend on your account verification level. Level 1 can withdraw up to $5,000 per day. Level 2 is $50,000 per day. And fully verified accounts can withdraw up to $100,000 worth of bitcoin per day.

What should I do if my bitcoin is stuck in limbo leaving Coinbase?

First, allow sufficient time of 1 hour or more for transactions to settle on the blockchain. If it remains pending beyond this, check Coinbase Status for warnings on delays. You can also contact Coinbase Support via email for assistance resolving stuck withdrawals.

Can I send bitcoin to an address on a different blockchain network?

No, Bitcoin can only be withdrawn to BTC addresses on the native Bitcoin blockchain. You cannot send BTC to addresses on other blockchains like Ethereum or BSC. Make sure the address you are withdrawing to is for the same crypto asset.

How do I contact Coinbase if I’m having issues withdrawing?

You can reach Coinbase Support through their help desk at Click the Contact Us link to explain your Bitcoin withdrawal issue and submit a support ticket. This is the best way to get personalized assistance resolving account withdrawal problems.