Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Apple Pay: Complete Guide for 2024

How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Bitcoin has exploded in popularity over the past few years as both a digital currency and investment opportunity. At the same time, mobile payments like Apple Pay have been gaining widespread adoption for their ease of use and convenience.

As more platforms integrate Apple Pay as a funding method, it has become easier than ever to purchase Bitcoin quickly and securely using your mobile device. Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay just takes a few steps and offers some key benefits over other payment methods.

Setting Up for the Purchase

In order to buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay, you’ll need:

  1. An Apple Pay Account – This requires an eligible Apple device, iCloud account, and a linked credit/debit card. Setting up an Apple Pay account only takes a few minutes.
  2. A Bitcoin Wallet – Blockchain-based software that stores the “keys” to your coins on your device. Top wallets include Exodus, Coinbase, and Bread.

If you don’t have Apple Pay already set up, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your Apple device (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac) can support Apple Pay.
  2. Register the credit or debit cards you wish to use with Apple Pay. This is done in the Wallet app.
  3. Agree to the terms and add your cards. The cards will then be available immediately for Apple Pay transactions.
  4. Configure your payment settings, such as expanding transaction limits and enabling fingerprint/face ID as an option upon payment. Now Apple Pay is all set to use!

Choosing a Platform

There are a handful of reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms and peer-to-peer marketplaces that allow purchasing Bitcoin using Apple Pay. Three popular options include:

Paxful – This major P2P exchange offers hundreds of Apple Pay payment options. Benefits include accessibility, no ID required in some cases, a built-in escrow system, and free wallet generation for storing newly purchased coins.

BitPay – A payment service featuring low 1% fees for buying cryptos with Apple Pay. BitPay also provides secure wallet storage and lets users instantly convert Bitcoin to cash in the account.

CEX.IO – Full-service global crypto trading platform that allows USD purchases via Apple Pay. Backup options here include wire transfer and card payments. The exchange has high maximum purchase limits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Now for the step-by-step walkthrough on actually purchasing Bitcoin with Apple Pay. We’ll use Paxful here for demonstration purposes.

Step 1) Create a free Paxful account. Add your email, a secure password, and accept the terms of use. Verify your email to log in.

Step 2) From the web or mobile app, choose “Buy Bitcoin”. This will display numerous Apple Pay purchase offers from individual users and vendors. Offers vary by available amount, exchange rate, payment window, and seller reputation.

Step 3) Pick an eligible seller and amount to purchase. Funds must be sent from your linked Apple Pay card within a defined payment window (e.g 30 minutes). Click “Buy” to advance.

Step 4) A chat interface opens with the seller. Confirm the instructions and Apple Pay wallet ID to send funds to.

Step 5) Use Apple Pay to approve the transaction right from your mobile device. Double check the recipient and amount before completing.

Step 6) Wait for the seller to verify the sent funds. In most cases this takes just a few minutes and is nearly instant.

Step 7) After the seller accepts and releases payment, the purchased Bitcoin will appear directly in your connected Paxful wallet!

That’s it! With those few simple steps you’ve successfully bought Bitcoin utilizing the convenience of Apple Pay.

Security Considerations

When transacting crypto, security should always remain a top priority. Here are tips to keep your newly purchased Bitcoin and Apple Pay account safe:

  • Always double check that any platforms or sellers are using valid HTTPS secure connections while entering payment info.
  • For your Bitcoin, transfer coins from exchange wallets into offline or cold storage for maximum safety. Disconnect Internet to these devices to prevent remote access.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on Apple Pay using face/touch ID recognition for transactions and when connecting new devices.
  • Frequently change Apple Pay wallet connected card PIN and security codes. Avoid using easily guessed codes.
  • Monitor wallet and exchange accounts to identify unauthorized access immediately should your login credentials ever become compromised.

Following these best practices greatly enhances the security layers protecting any crypto assets or mobile payments from theft or fraud.

Fees and Limits

The vast majority of Bitcoin platforms incentivize Apple Pay support by eliminating or minimizing fee charges. Where fees do exist they often range from 1-4% per transaction.

Compare this to the average credit card fee of 3-4%. Using platforms with no fees or makers/takers fee structures returns maximum value when buying BTC via Apple Pay.

As for limits – purchased amounts depend completely upon the exchange, wallet, or P2P platform as well as account verification level. Generally purchase minimums are very low (under $50 equivalent in BTC) with ceilings reaching $7,500+ daily.

Always check rate fees carefully and account-based buying limits before committing to a provider.

Alternatives to Apple Pay

While Apple Pay does provide a quick, convenient way to buy Bitcoins, there are alternative mobile transaction options including:

  • Google Pay – Android’s mobile wallet for swift crypto purchasing and direct bank transfers.
  • Samsung Pay – Pre-programmed on newer Samsung devices with similar streamlined checkout.
  • Cards/Bank Transfer – Direct credit card payments or bank account transfers remain a widely-supported traditional option.

Apple Pay does however carry advantages over these options in terms of sheer user accessibility, flexibility across iOS devices, tightened security protocols, and fraud protection on supported devices.


With cryptoassets like Bitcoin poised for mainstream adoption combined with the proliferation of mobile payments, buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay offers the perfect pairing of digital disruption.

Following the straightforward process outlined here, anyone can easily and rapidly invest in Bitcoin using an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Platform choice, security measures, fees, and possible alternatives should be researched when selecting the best provider option.

As the premiere digital currency, purchasing Bitcoin via Apple Pay now grants millions of users a faster and more streamlined entry into the world of cryptocurrency investments than ever before.


Is buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay safe?

Buying Bitcoin via Apple Pay is generally safe if you use a reputable platform that utilizes encryption to protect payment info. Enable two-factor authentication on your Apple device for added security. Only send payments during the specified payment window to verified seller accounts.

What are the fees for buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay?

Most Bitcoin trading platforms and services do not charge extra fees for using Apple Pay as a funding source. The 1-4% general trading fees I previously mentioned apply to all purchase methods, not just Apple Pay transactions.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay without verification?

In most cases providing basic personal information is required by regulated exchanges. However peer-to-peer platforms like Paxful have options to buy from individual sellers that may not require identity verification, especially for smaller transaction amounts.

Is there a limit for buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay itself allows for a wide range of crypto purchase transaction limits. The minimum amount is $1 if using a debit card linked to Apple Pay. The 7-day maximum limit for all combined payments is $10,000 when sending funds from an Apple Pay wallet.

How long does a Bitcoin/Apple Pay purchase take?

One of the main benefits of Apple Pay is instant transaction speeds. In most cases receiving Bitcoin in your wallet takes under 60 seconds after approved payment. This makes it one of the quickest options for investing in cryptocurrency.

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